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Screen-Free Week

Date published: April 29, 2019

In what might seem like an ironic topic for a software company to blog about, we’re here today to talk about “Screen-Free Week.” The annual event, held the first week of May, promotes a life beyond ad-supported screens. 

The DAVIN team may live our work lives behind screens, but we value the importance of stepping away.  While we all couldn’t take a week off, because our work would grind to a halt, we encourage people to find a healthy screen/life balance.

According to the Screen-Free Week organization’s website, Screen-Free Week is about more than just turning off your phones, tablets, computers, etc., Screen-Free Week works to promote the joys of connecting with the world around you.  There is a particular focus put on families, in a hope to encourage children to explore the wonders outside of screens.

While there are sponsored events across the country, enjoying Screen-Free Week really starts with you.  Plan fun activities to replace the time you would typically be spending behind a screen.  Want to play a video game?  Get the family together and play a board-game instead (they are coming back in force).  Missing your stories on TV?  Go to the library and pick out a book.  With the weather turning nice, it’s the perfect time to go out for a walk and discover nature.

This is also the perfect time to check off some of those tasks on your dreaded “to-do” list or revisit a long-neglected hobby.  Any activity that gets you up and away from your computer or tablet is encouraged.

The important factor is to enjoy the world and people around you.  Talk face-to-face, meet new people, maybe even try something new, like rock-climbing or, for those less adventurous, a cooking class. 

While the Screen-Free Week organization urges participants to spend the entire week without devices, we know that for some, that can be unrealistic.  We suggest that you at least make the extra effort to reduce your screen time.  Every little bit counts.

Visit the Screen-Free Week website to find out more.  https://www.screenfree.org/

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