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Happy National Nurses Week

Date published: May 7, 2019

It would not be an exaggeration to say that nurses mean a lot to us at Davin.  Our CEO and Owner, David Theobald, MS, RN, is a nurse and he brings that experience to every aspect of our company.  That is why we want to thank him and all nurses during this week, National Nurses Week.

The inspiration for National Nurses Week goes back to Florence Nightingale.  Born on May 12th, 1820 in Florence, Italy, she is widely known for being the pioneer of modern nursing.  Referred to as the “Lady with the Lamp,” from her time in the Crimean War, Florence, along with her team of nurses, worked to improve the sanitary conditions at a British base hospital.  Her work significantly reduced the death count of soldiers treated at that hospital. She went on to advocate for healthcare reform, publishing notes and reports that helped to shape the healthcare field1.

National Nurses Week was first observed in 1954, on the 100th anniversary of Florence’s mission to Crimea.  While initially celebrated in October, in 1982 the official date moved to May 6th.  Then, in 1990, the day expanded to a week, with the last day of National Nurses Week falling on Florence’s birthday, May 12th2

National Nurses Week has grown into a celebration of all the caregivers who tirelessly work to keep us healthy.  They are with us at both our worst times and some of our best times.  They care for those going through terrible illnesses and help to welcome new additions to our families.  Just about every single person alive has been supported by a nurse in one way or another. 

Davin Workforce Solutions grew out of David’s plan to help the future of healthcare, starting with aiding nursing students on the journey to their clinical placements.  It is not a jump at all to say that without a nurse, we wouldn’t exist.

During this week, take some time and thank the nurses in your life for all that they do.  Take some time and talk with them to find out more about their work lives and how they care for others.  Care for them, as they have cared for all of us.


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