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Partner Spotlight: Commercial Investigations

Date published: September 8, 2021

Davin Healthcare is committed to bringing the best possible service to our clients. To ensure we uphold our commitment, we pride ourselves on partnering with high-quality businesses to help enhance the services we provide.

Since 2008, Davin Healthcare has partnered with Commercial Investigations LLC to provide background checks for our clients.

“I first met Michelle Pyon, CEO of Commercial Investigations, at an Iroquois Healthcare event,” David Theobald, owner and CEO of Davin Healthcare, said. “We both worked in the same spaces and were mutually dedicated to supporting our clients. I was impressed with their commitment to ensuring their background checks were timely and accurate.”

“We ultimately choose the partnership with Commercial Investigations because of their professionalism, customer service, and leadership. Michelle has been a tremendous partner and supporter of the quality we provide for our caregivers and hospital partners. Commercial Investigations is a certified woman-owned business that truly gets the why behind verifying quality employees.”

Commercial Investigations is a certified woman-owned licensed private investigative agency. Michelle Pyan founded the company in 2004 after working in the industry since 1991. During that time, Commercial Investigations has provided accurate and timely background checks for clients across the world.

Since Commercial Investigations is nimble, it can tailor its services to its client’s needs. Commerical Investigations knows that a “one-size-fits-all” package doesn’t actually “fit all” and being able to customize helps eliminate unwanted reports and unneeded extra costs. Its work comes with a trained team of expert investigators to ensure thoroughness and high-quality customer service. Commercial Investigations prides itself on bringing a human touch to a field that is often viewed as impersonal. As described on its website:

“We understand the value of database technology but are also well aware of the limitations. Human intervention assures the quality our clients have come to appreciate with us. We review and compare the information obtained from each specific inquiry with all other result information. As trained investigators, we can quickly determine inconsistencies and areas of concern.”

The background check process can confuse and overwhelm. Having a question and not being able to get an answer only makes the process more frustrating. To ensure a smooth process, the team commits to being available to answer any and all questions, going as far as having a dedicated after-hours hotline available to its clients.

These small, but important touches set Commercial Investigations away from the pack. It fosters a culture of respect, honesty, and a focus on education and distills these values throughout the team and on to the clients. Commercial Investigations works to continually improve its services, to stay out in front of the needs of its clients.

“At Commercial Investigations we take what we do very seriously. We know we are here ‘To Protect’ and we talk about it constantly internally. This underlying team commitment is what allows us to provide valued client experiences not provided anywhere else in our industry,” Michelle Pyan, owner and President of Commercial Investigations stated.

Davin Healthcare is committed to caring for the future of healthcare and that starts with ensuring we partner with high-quality companies. Our software links with Commercial Investigations to speed up and smooth the process of obtaining background checks. Reach out to learn more about using this feature. Our team is here to help you with any questions.

And visit Commercial Investigations, LLC’s website to learn more about the company and its high-quality services.

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