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Local Company Launches Healthcare Education Software

Date published: July 15, 2019


Press Release

For Immediate Release: 07/10/2019

Saratoga Springs, NY – Davin Workforce Solutions, a Saratoga Springs software company, launched a new cloud-based software created to ease the pathway for healthcare education programs that require student clinicals.  The software, known simply as the DAVIN software, connects students, schools, and facilities through a secure, online portal.  DAVIN aims to reduce the administrative burden placed upon clinical coordinators and faculty.

“While I was working on an advisory board for colleges, there were discussions of a problem they needed to solve,” President and CEO of Davin Workforce Solutions, David Theobald, MS, RN, CSP, said when asked about the conception of the education software.  “That problem was the administrative burden produced by placing students in clinicals using antiquated methods.  They wanted to find a solution to the manual tracking of credentials on spreadsheets and documents.  The Davin Workforce Solutions’ team collaborated with deans and faculty to create this cloud-based system that can easily track credentials in clinical placements and decrease the administrative burden for the faculty, the students, and the coordinators of facility clinical placements.”

Davin Workforce Solutions worked with two colleges in New York State -- one public and one private -- to develop and pilot the software for both brick and mortar schools and online programs.  With one school starting its third year of use and the other going into its first live semester, Davin Workforce Solutions is optimistic about the success and impact of the software.

“The greatest part of implementing the DAVIN software with our education clients is getting to see the relief of stress,” said Sarah Pechar, a member of the Davin Workforce Solutions team.  “They can let go of old tasks and free up time for the staff to be able to work efficiently and securely.  Allowing student accountability on credential collection and communication to prepare for their clinical assignments, as well as providing a secure, cloud-based, user-friendly platform which has improved the experience not only for staff and faculty members but also for the students.”

With the release of the software, Davin Workforce Solutions also debuted a new website (davinworkforce.com) that focuses on the software and the solutions it provides.  The goal is to bring the DAVIN software to the national stage and help make an impact for a field that is seeing critical shortages.

“Seventy-five thousand qualified students were turned away from healthcare programs in 2018,” David said.  “That is up from fifty-six thousand turned away in 2107.  We want to do anything we can do to help ease this problem.”

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