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Five Gadgets to Level Up Your Camping

Date published: June 4, 2019

We at Davin Workforce Solutions love technology.  Gadgets, software, innovative tools, even new lo-fi analog solutions, we love to try anything new.  So, each month, we’ll bring you gadgets and technology to help innovate your lives. 

June is “National Camping Month,” and to help celebrate, we decided to put together a list of five gadgets that can level up your camping experience.

Here are the Five Gadgets to Level Up Your Camping

VSSL’s LED Lights

How do you take a simple flashlight and exponentially expand its usefulness?  VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools took that challenge and created what they call, “the world’s most functional flashlight.”

How do they stand behind that claim?  By putting out a “normal-sized” flashlight that contains a whole plethora of useful gadgets.  They feature two pre-built kits: the First Aid Kit and the Camp Supplies kit.  Both of these waterproof flashlights pack gear into the handle of the light.  They also sell a flask as well as a “build-your-own,” which allows you to choose what goes into the light.

Find out more at VSSL’s website

luminAID’s PackLite Nova USB

There are many, many people old enough to remember having to use kerosene lanterns to illuminate their camping site.  They were bulky on their own, not to mention the need for extra gas for when it runs out.  You’d need matches and a prayer to light it during a hurricane.  It was a whole thing.

But gone are those days.  With the PackLite Nova, you have an inflatable, waterproof, rechargeable camping lantern.  On the drive to your hike, you can charge it in your car through the USB port or while hiking; you can attach it to your pack to charge through the solar panels.  Lasting anywhere 3-5 hours for the highest light setting, to 18-24 hours on the lowest setting, this lantern is the perfect, light-weight addition to your camping supplies. 

Find out more at luminAID’s website.

Off Grid Tools’ Survival Axe

Hauling a toolbox on your back is not fun.  At all.  But for those who truly go off the grid when they camp, a toolbox comes in handy during the worst circumstances.  So how do you take a toolbox worth of tools and make it easy to carry?

Enter the OGT Survival Axe.  Weighing in at less than 2 pounds, this “axe” is really a multi-tool that allows you to leave the heavy toolbox at home.  Need a hammer, an axe, a saw, or a wrench?  This tool has you covered.  With 31 features, this foot-long tool is a great, space-saving addition to your backpack.  The tool isn’t just handy for camping; if kept close in a vehicle, it comes equipped with a window punch and seatbelt cutter to allow you to escape your car in a pinch.

Find out more at Off Grid Tools’ website

Vestergaard’s Lifestraw

This product might be the most well-known on the list.  Launched in 2006, the Lifestraw had a major impact in developing nations and humanitarian crises by providing a way for a single person to drink from non-sterilized water sources.  The straw removes almost all parasites and waterborne bacteria and has been deployed to numerous devastating crises. 

The Lifestraw and many varieties are now available domestically and perfect to add to your camping supplies.  These products allow you to use more natural sources of water instead of lugging gallons on your back or relying on boiling before drinking.  You, too, can now use this world-changing piece of technology on your adventures.

Find out more at Lifestraw’s website.

MalloMe’s Camping Cookware Mess Kit

While some people might like to hang pots and pans off their pack, most people find the percussive backdrop to be annoying on their nice, serene hike.  But unless you want to eat all your food raw, you’re going to need some cookware.  

That’s where MalloMe comes in handy.  Their Camping Cookware Mess Kits are mini-kitchens all in a neat little package.  The kit contains a pot and its cover, a nonstick pan, two bowls, a spork, a spatula, a soup spoon, and a sponge to clean it.  Adding this mobile kitchen cabinet to your pack will not break your back but will help to fill your stomach.

Find out more at MalloMe’s website.

You might have noticed a pattern to the gadgets we’ve included in this month’s edition, beyond camping themed.  They are all portable and light.  As technology gets better, we’re able to compact our supplies in ways that once seemed unimaginable.  People are able to travel lighter, which translates to further distances and a more enjoyable journey.

We hope you embrace National Camping Month and use some nifty gadgets to enjoy and excel at camping truly.

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